Research and development is teamwork.

Innovations have always driven the automotive sector forward. We, too, research each and every day so that our products of tomorrow are not the stuff of yesterday.

We invest in application-oriented research and development capacities and cooperate at various levels with internationally renowned institutes and universities. This is the only way that we can continuously improve technology development, process development and product development.

We accompany your products from the lab to the road.

Our experienced lab team develops efficient and environmentally compatible products for you: antifreeze agents, care products and cleaning agents as well as engine break-in agents and heat transfer media.

Every new product launch is accompanied by extensive lab and fleet tests until it receives its official approval.

Individual analyses for safety and quality

The experienced HAERTOL lab team can conduct a wide range of chemical-technical analyses for you.

Liquids and solids can both be analyzed by means of state-of-the-art analysis devices and analysis methods in order to shed light on aging processes, deposits and quality fluctuations, for example.