Advanced, efficient and customer-oriented.

Advanced and flexible production systems facilitate the standardized production of large quantities, as well as the manufacture of special products in small quantities.

Numerous stirrer vessels with capacities ranging from 1 m³ to 50 m³ are available. Nine fully automatic and semi-automatic filling and labeling systems enable fast and customer-specific canister and drum filling.

Renewable chemistry for a sustainable future.

As the latest product development, we offer you FROSTOX® HT12 Eco, a premium antifreeze concentrate on the basis of renewable monoethylene glycols (bMEGs).

These are made using certified wood sourced regionally in Germany, and are completely recyclable, sustainable and CO2-optimized.

The bMEGs used by HAERTOL come from UPM Biochemicals, which is constructing the world’s first biorefinery for sustainable chemicals made of biomass at the chemicals site of Leuna.

Quality with stamp and seal. Made in Germany.

Our environmental management is certified according to ISO 14001:2015. We reduce environmental impacts as well as consumption and environmental costs by means of targeted resource efficiency. Our active efforts aim to diminish the impacts of waste and wastewater on biodiversity and decrease our CO2 emissions.

As a result of ongoing improvements in environmental performance and the increased use of renewable raw materials, we succeed in continuously lowering our footprint as an enterprise.